You bring the people.  We'll bring the props.

And Good Times will be had by all.

Why our photo booth?

When you compare our photo booth services, value, and experience you will find that we are the best choice!  We have attended hundreds events, never been late, and always had happy hosts.  We work together to create your custom artwork which will include your wedding colors or business logo and will be distributed to everyone who takes pictures in our booth.  When we say unlimited photo strips, we mean UNLIMITED.  If a group of eight get in the booth then all eight get a copy of the photo strip.  We offer unbelievable customer service.  We follow the FISH philosophy of customer service: Be There.  Have Fun.  Play.  Choose Your Attitude.

Contact us today so we can begin your Good Time experience!

Why have a photo booth?

All great hosts want to know their guests are having fun but there just isn't enough time to visit with everyone.  We engage your crowd, help them get dressed up and find their silly side, while handling the photo booth and print outs all night long.  They will have a great time getting dressed up, jumping in/out of the booth with new and old friends, and laughing at their printouts.  Your guests will go home with their photo strips and memories to last a lifetime.  When everyone has gone home the host will receive a USB drive with all the digital images so they can sit back, relax, and relive their guests' good times